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Jakie kennedy’s rare paintings

The famous painter Andy Warhol’s Jakie Kennedy painting is going to bit on Thursday. That was the great treasure that has been given by Andy Warhol. This bits starting at is $14,000. The size of the painting was 528 by 431 mm 20 ¾ by 17 inches and the sheet was at 611 by 518 mm 24 by 20 3/8 inches. This one was a rare painting because this was the only known piece that Andy Warhol was stamped his signature in front. The piece of painting known as “Jackie I,” depicting Jackie Kennedy in the moments before her husband’s murder so this not common.

Jakie kennedy’s rare painting
Jakie Kennedy’s rare painting

Jakie Kennedy painting

The most popular painting of Andy Warhol was Banana, Mickey Mouse, Big Electric Chair, Flower series, Coca Cola, MOA, Self Portrait, Eight Elvises, Campbell’s Soup cans, and Marilyn Diptych. The last painting of Andy Warhol was Sixty Last Supper. His biography was published in 2020 in the name of “Warhol”.  Andy Warhol made four documentaries in the name of Absolut Warhola and it was produced by the Polish director. A documentary film was done by Ric Burn this movie won Peabody Award in 2006. A 52 minutes Double Denied documentary about the difficulties authenticating Warhol’s work, by taking the interviews with Warhol’s associates the third documentary People Factory is done.

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Andy Warhol’s death

Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987, in Manhattan. According to the report, he had a good recovery from gallbladder surgery at New York Hospital. Prior to his diagnosis and operation, Warhol delayed having his recurring gallbladder problems checked. According to Dr. Ryan, who presented his findings on Sunday at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Surgical Association, Warhol’s death shouldn’t be seen as quite such a surprise. Since his retirement four years ago, Dr. Ryan, a sporty Seattleite and jovial, has been digging into Warhol’s medical history. He got a push in the direction of Hal Foster his brother-in-law, Art. Dr. Ryan a distinguished scholar who writes on Pop has found that the surgeon had performed by Warhol’s, the final operation was working on someone with almost 15 years of gallbladder trouble experienced and a family history of the same Warhol’s father had his gallbladder removed in 1928, this was the genetic disorder, In 1928 the same year his famous son was born.

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