Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

The 360-degree cameras are not something new, but Insta360’s latest pocket-sized camera focuses on redefining what we already know giving the device a twist. As per the teaser released by the company, we can expect the official announcement to be on Wednesday, October 28th.

What do we know about the device from the teaser video?

In the teaser video, the camera is seen to be handled in a way that most people would never handle an electronic device let alone a camera.  Swinging it around, flying through car windows, and being thrown around are some examples of what the teaser shows about Insta360 with its all-new flexible 360 camera. As per the knowledge we have till now it can be expected that the device will come between the Insta360 ONE R and the Insta360 GO but to know more about it we will have to wait a bit longer.

Insta360 2020 Pocket Camera Teaser

A surprise for Fans and Photographers

Insta360 is organizing a hand-out campaign that ends on October 28. The lucky winner will be getting this brand new pocket-sized 360 camera on official release day. Insta360’s cameras generally cost a few hundred dollars, so if you can win this then it will be an outstanding way to receive the brand new 360-degree video and photography camera without spending a penny. This will also be a good experience for photography learners and enthusiasts.

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Insta360 An amazing device with excellent features

The 360-degree cameras can capture photos and videos in a unique way that snaps all the moments without having to worry about if you are pointing in the right direction or the right subject. The amazing lens helps you to snapshot-like rotate, pan, and even zoom after taking them. Being a photographer and a bird watcher I will definitely go for this device because If you grab this device then you can easily take better shots, record action videos and images of birds which is pretty tough since all birds don’t sit quietly, they like to move around and flutter their wings so if you want to take a snapshot of these birds who should definitely buy Insta360 it will not only help you take photographs but also videos without having to worry about the right direction or angle.

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