Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Huawei launched many products at the Huawei Mate 40 conference yesterday, 22nd October 2020. The best among them was Huawei Sound, the smaller version of Huawei Sound X. The Bluetooth speaker has Devialet’s audio sensors like it’s bigger version Sound X and weighs 2.2 kg. Huawei says that the speaker, Huawei Sound, is a more compact and dynamic device.

Huawei Sound and Huawei Sound X  Similarity

Huawei Sound, the toned-down variant of Sound X is architecture by DEVIALET. DEVIALET is a French sound and acoustic manufacturing organization designing speakers and amplifiers with high fidelity sounds. Huawei Sound has photocopied almost everything from Sound X like the design, color, shape, and button. The only difference is in the size. Huawei sound measures 147mmx186.7mm in depth and height and weigh 2.2 kg unlike Sound X’s 3.5 kg.

Huawei sound Product Overview

Huawei Sound Bluetooth speakers have high resistance sound speakers. Called Devialet’s SPACETM immersive Technology, the speaker’s sound can felt all around the device when placed centrally. The SPACE technology algorithm of Devialet, placed in the device can sort a producing sound into direct sound, reflected sound, and ambient noise and echoes it 360° on the surrounding. Moreover, connecting the three speakers to the main device brings an out of the world music experience for the listeners. Huawei Sound goes with SPACETM 360-degree Soundstage, Vocals, High Fidelity, and Bass audio. Users can change the audio settings using Huawei AI Life Application.

Huawei Sound Main Sound Features and Specifications

The main sound features and specifications of Huawei Sound are

  • Woofer size – 4 inch
  • Woofer power – 40W
  • Speaker Unit – Push-Push (1-woofer + 2-passive unit)
  • No. Of Speakers – 3
  • Speaker makes – Devialet
  • Speaker power – 5W
  • Speaker technology – SAM 2.0
  • Bass Depth – 55Hz-40kHz
  • Bass Features – overheating protection, <2% THD
  • RAM – 512MB
  • ROM – 8GB
  • Audio Codecs – Bluetooth LDAC codecs
  • Transfer Speed – 990 kbps
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth – 5.0
  • UPnP – BubbleUPnP,
  • VLC – Yes
  • High Fidelity cast (Hi-Fi) – Yes
  • NFC – Yes
  • aux-in cables – 3mm
  • connection guide lights – yes
  • multi-function keys – Yes

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Huawei Sound Price

Huawei sound is not an affordable product for many sound and acoustic device buyers and collectors. Though, they are much cheaper than Huawei Sound X. The Huawei sound is sold at a price of €199. The Bluetooth speaker costs approximately €70 less than Huawei Sound X. The Huawei Sound X is available at a pocket pinch of €269.99.

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