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Stefani has swiveled every spotlight on her once again by going back and making everyone notice her 90’s PINK HAIR. ‘No doubt’ son Riter has again tinted her hair to PINK on Wednesday when was posing for a shoot in CALABASAS, CALIF. She accentuated her hair by her outfit which entailed an R13 finger cargo jacket and minced leopard -print shorts. She furthermore adorned her rancher boots by Phillip Plein. The total estimated price of her outfit and look has been assessed as more than $ 1563.


Once upon a time, her hair looked like blue cotton!

This was not the first time the amazing vocalist of  ‘Hollaback Girl’ made every eye to admire her looks, in 2014 she black dip-dyed her hair. In the year 1998, she made her hair look like a blue cotton candy which caught everyone’s attention. She has been empirical with her hair from the early ’90s to 2020.

A pale shade of brown- the real hair color! On, June 17, 2020, GWEN posted a photograph on  Instagram posing beside her brother, ERIC STEFANI with a Birthday Cake. Looking at the young ages it came off to be taken in the late 191990sbut the real deal with the throwback picture was the real hair color of THE DOUBT – front lady.

“ I don’t know, wash whatever feelings those are out of your hair”GWEN STEFANI.

Gwen told last year in the vogue interview when asked about her pink hair, that big changes in life like breakups can lead to changes like changed hair. She said, “It’s so true: If you go through a breakup or a really big change in your life, sometimes you go ahead and change your hair to try to, I don’t know, wash whatever feelings those are out of your hair.” Three times Grammy award winner further narrated her story about the transitions-big and small in her life. “I was really confused at this time. I was 29 years old. I was really confused about my relationship. I didn’t know who I was. I had come off a long long tour. I had gotten famous. I got to buy a house. I got to move out of my parent’s house. So much had happened.” She told, while the interview. By recollecting her memories and circumstances at the inception of her career she told about the struggle of getting desired hair, “I didn’t have any budgets. I didn’t have a stylist … I wanted my hair like cotton candy light hair. I had this vision of what I wanted and I ended up with fuchsia pink hair for like a year,”

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