Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Free YouTube Premium

Google generally offers Chromebook buyers with various discounts. This helps them to sweeten their business. Keeping aside the reward on the Chromebook. There are often Google apps and services trials with will take you deeper into the ecosystem as you enjoy the experience. However, this new offer will give the Chromebook buyers a 3 months free YouTube Premium subscription. This will surely gain a lot of attention from the buyers for the Chromebook. Just for 3 months of YouTube Premium, there will be various customers who will tend to buy it.

Everything you need to know

Although, there are some limitations on this YouTube Premium offer for the users. You can claim this offer if you are a current YouTube Premium subscriber. This is for the one who has tried all of YouTube Premium or even Google Play Music. But there is some information which is uncertain. This is not clear if Google thinks people would continue to buy the Chromebook. Just to pay for the $36 or something else. But these are rules for the offer. However, this is the indication that if you have not tried YouTube Premium and want to try a Chromebook. You will have disadvantages in that. This offer is not for someone who has previously tried YouTube Premium or Google Play Music in the past. But if you haven’t tried the Premium yet then you must check for the details. As there are no harms in checking it.

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Free YouTube Premium and Other benefits

Not only free YouTube Premium. There some other benefits as well. This includes free trials of Stadia Pro and Google One. These offers will benefit the users for sure. But how this will impact the users and the sales of the Chromebook will be known later. But the users will probably end up sticking around this offer and end up buying it.

These were the details about the new offer which Google is giving to the Chromebook buyers. These new offers by the company will help in generating more sales and also offers various other benefits. However, the customers will surely attract to these offers and end up buying the gadgets. Although, this seems to be a good deal for the buyers. are riley and lucas from girl meets world dating in real life

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