Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Tate Student Center at University Of Georgia

On the 16th of October, a fire broke out on Campus of the University Of Georgia, the precise location being the Tate Student Center. It was Friday evening when the flames were witnessed on the roof of the Student center on the campus. As per the University Of Georgia website, the Tata Student Center is the varsity campus lounge, dining, and entertainment space. It also facilitates meetings of UGA students. The University Of Georgia is a public institution with the main campus in Athens, Georgia. It falls in the list of oldest public universities in the United States. It was founded in 1785. It gives quality higher education and gives top-class avenues for research.

Tate Student Center at University Of Georgia
Tate Student Center at the University Of Georgia

Athens-Clarke County Fire Department

It is in an area, falling under Athens-Clarke County Fire Department. Thankfully the firefighters were able to put out the fire in time, and more importantly, no one was injured. Post that ordeal, firefighters and the crew stayed for a couple of hours to make sure that there were no sparks, flares, or hotspots still existent.

Tweets from emergency personnel

There was a tweet from the firefighters at around 9:45 pm, stating that efforts were being made to extinguish the fire in the student center of the Campus. “We have crews working on a fire at the Tate Center, 45 Baxter Street Please avoid the area,” said the tweet. They said they received a report of a fire in the area at 9 pm, and by the efforts of the crew, the fire was extinguished at the earliest. They got a call about the fire on the roof and had to rush to the site. Thankfully the damage was not too alarming and no one was hurt. There was also a video of the emergency personnel trying to bring down the flames. The scene was too smoky because of the whole thing and ashes.


Cause Of Fire Break out

The fire was not too damaging but the investigation is called for. It’s still not clear how the fire broke out, so the case is under investigation and will be known to the public once everything is sorted out. There will be monitoring and UGA will cooperate with the officials and explain everything that happened before the incident.

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