Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Initially started as a meme, FAU-G, an Indian alternative of PUBG, is being teased again in the country. It is an upcoming online multiplayer video game exclusive to smartphones. Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar released a trailer of the game to increase awareness and create more hype about the same. Reportedly, Ncore Games developed FAU-G. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The development of the game was announced shortly after PUBG got banned in the country.


Indo-China conflict Game

Last month, the Indian Government banned 118 Chinese mobile applications, including PUBG. They did this to ensure cybersecurity as claims floated that through the apps, the Chinese Government was able to get some crucial intel on various countries. Due to the rising tensions between India and China, politically and militarily, the government had to take necessary steps. To compensate for a wildly popular game like PUBG, nCore Games began developing FAU-G. The ban on various popular apps has upset many in the country. However, they have also been provided with alternatives for the same.

FAU-G trailer

Akshay Kumar is now promoting the Indian variant of the game. He recently released the trailer on his Twitter account. The one-minute short video gave a glimpse of the location of the game. FAU-G is based on the skirmish in the Galvan Valley between India and China. In the trailer, the characters are fighting in close quarter battles with hand to hand combat. So, the game might include a lot of Melee-weapons-based action.

A release date for the game is still unknown. However, it has been confirmed to release by the end of this month or latest by early November.

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Vishal Gondal’s pledge

NCore co-founder Vishal Gondal confirmed that the development of the game had been going on for several months, even before PUBG was banned in India. The game aims to reach 200 million users within a year. The developers have pledged to use 20% of FAU-G’s net income for the government’s fundraising program named Bharat Ke Veer. FAU-G also aims to capitalize on China’s anti-Chinese sentiment and patriotism.

PUBG was thriving among the Indian youth. The news of its ban upset many citizens. Will FAU-G live up to the gaming standards of PUBG? Will India accept it?

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