Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Erika Girardi

Actress Erika Girardi was breathing fire on social media, considering a meme she had posted of herself, Lisa Rinna, and Robyn Dixon in her Instagram feed on Tuesday, all flashing the same pink coats, and comparing themselves to the Pink Ladies in “Grease”. Rinna, 57, and Dixon, 41, expressed their appreciation for the meme on Girardi’s feed while the fan account that first posted the image was unhappy that Girardi didn’t even bother to give them credit for the meme. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was raged when the fan account user coolly asked for credit for a meme from her just because she posted it first, although she claims that it wasn’t done by the fan account either and that she took it from another completely different source.

Erika Girardi
Erika Girardi

The Fan’s Gentle Comments and The Star’s Hot Responses

Brands by Bravo had casually asked, “Hey. That’s my photo. Can you credit me please?”, in the 49-year-old star’s Instagram comment section. Erika annoyingly responded with “Actually, it’s not your photo. It’s Bravo and Paramount but ok. Cute meme though.” The fan responded by pleading, that though they were very much aware that the photo does not and never has belonged to them, they meekly claimed that they were the people who came up with and created the meme and it’s captioned and hence, they request that the credits go to the rightful owner/creator of the meme. “I just wanted credit for it. And also in my post, I’ve credited Bravo for the photo. Thanks!”, the fan gleefully responded. But Erika Girardi still refused to let the fan account’s user off the hook. She gave another frustrated reply, saying that the only way for the fan to get more “credit” for his/her “ideas” is to come up with her own content and to stop commenting her post on how he/she feels wronged when the images didn’t really belong to the fan account. “Now go make some interesting s—t that I can promote”, she irritatingly concluded. Erika also added that Kylie, her co-star, first took a photo of her in her original post.

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Fans Deeply Upset By Girardi’s Rude Attitude Towards The Fan Account

The rest of the comment section had tons of fans who were swift to clap back at the “How Many F–ks” singer for being rude to a fan who just wanted credit for their work. “I can’t believe how she is behaving”, a fan commented. “Honestly, there was always something about her that put me off, but I wanted to like her. Oh well. I think she lost a lot of fans over this.” Another fan boldly called out on her husband, the very much famed lawyer Thomas Girardi, asking that the actress needed to take up the lessons on basic intellectual property “laws” and that the meme didn’t belong to her either. A third fan wrote on how it was Girardi who was at fault for being rude to an innocent fan who had spent the time and taken effort creating the meme only to have it snatched and slapped on an account without the creator’s permission and when the fan’s kind request for credit was met with a ruthless response from the actress, she told Erika to “keep digging yourself into a hole it seems to be working out great so far.” Brands by Bravo, however, weren’t affected by the actress’s foul attitude and seemed to be taking the controversy quite lightly and posted a meme of Girardi’s former co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, calling out the drama and this time, with a genuine watermark.

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