Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Space X
Space X

SpaceX to Mars by 2024

The latest report that quoted on suggests that the window Musk is referring to a launch opportunity to get to Mars. However, NASA, China, and the United Arab Emirates all have already launched their missions to Mars back in July of this year. By that time, SpaceX not joined the list of corporations missioned to Mars. Although the next window will arrive two years later means in 2022. Elon Musk is looking forward to getting launch to Mars in 2024. As the Mars mission will be required to launch with a SpaceX Starship rocket. It is a combination of reusable rocket and spacecraft which is undergoing development at the South Texas facility of the company itself. On Friday, 16 October, all the updates revealing the project’s details of the company were disclosed by Elon Musk himself at the International Mars Society Convention.

Elon Musk & His Mission

Ellon Musk is a 49-year-old entrepreneur who has always have a strong concept that humans should look forward to getting established permanently with its self-sustaining presence on Mars. Humans should work to ensure the continuance of consciousness which we know and should follow it. According to Ellon Musk, the travel to other planet seems possible and comes in handy only if Earth is left uninhabitable by any nuclear war or by an asteroid strike. However, in contrast to the concept of Elon, SpaceX doesn’t have any plans today to build a roadmap to get to  Mars. Being a transportation company it aimed to ferry cargo (and humans) to and from the Red Planet only. By this aim, SpaceX will enhance the development of the Mars base of someone else.

Other Details of the project

All the details were revealed by Elon Musk through virtual conversation. The conversation happened between the Mars Society & Elon Musk and Robert Zubrin who is the founder of the Mars Society. The video aired on the YouTube channel. In the video, Musk was saying that he thought they had a fighting chance for making that second Mars transfer window to get to Mars permanently. In the conversational video, Zubrin mentioned that SpaceX is seeking to take the biggest single challenge which any of the transportation companies has taken on yet. Zubrin considered the project as a feat in itself and praised Elon Musk for this project.

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