Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Jeffrey Sciullo, an American professional wrestler, and musician who is known by his ring name Elias are all set to return to the ring soon. In the most unforeseen circumstances feasible, Monday Night Raw saw the surprising return of Elias. For close to five months, the former WWE 24/7 champion was out of action. But his surprising and shocking was the hope of happiness for all his fans and followers worldwide.
Elias dropped out of the Intercontinental Championship tournament nearly five months ago, on the May 29 edition of SmackDown. WWE showed in Kayfabe that Elias had encountered a car crash. The actual fact was that Elias suffered a justifiable non-storyline torn pectoral muscle injury that kept him to take some time off. WWE expected him to be out for 6-9 months; they would be pleased with his early return, however. The news of the injury was confirmed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer and John Pollock of POST.

The final return of Elias on Ring that was much awaited by fans

Elias has now been signed to WWE Monday Night Raw. Stephanie McMahon walked out shortly after the triple threat match to announce the fourth-round draught. As the very first pick of the fourth round, the returning Elias was uncovered.
A triple threat match of PPV caliber represented as the scene of his come back. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and new SmackDown savior Seth Rollins faced each other as new Raw recruits. Hardy was in command as the match was achieving its finale. Elias, however, popped up out of nowhere and slammed Hardy‘s back with a guitar. This encouraged Hardy to be pinned by a devious Styles and steal the decisive win
Coming to Monday nights means that Elias will be in a feud for a long period of time. This could be SmackDown’s
continuation of the accident storyline. As of now, this competition has no title involved and can easily turn into a mid-card filler if things aren’t executed right. WWE has seen two returns to the main roster during the last two
nights of the regular season, with the freak Lars Sullivan returning to SmackDown.
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