Mon. May 17th, 2021
Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen died on Tuesday due to throat cancer. He was a legendary rock God. He had faced racism as a mixed-race kid. He grew up in Holland and the U.S. Music fans around the globe mourning the loss of iconic Van Halen. Many fans honored this Legend for music. Whereas some of the fans have raised the biggest issue of the world. The racism and discrimination Van and his family had faced. However, this is the biggest and the worst problem which the whole world is facing in this 21 Century.

Eddie Van Halen and his family endured ‘horrifying’ racism

Overview of racism

Van Halen died at the age of 65. He was the son of Dutch and Indonesian migrants. He had spent his childhood in the Netherlands. Van has a brother Alex Van Halen. His family has faced racism because of their mixed-race relationship in the 1950s. One of his former bandmates has revealed the truth about how people are treated on the basis of their color and cast. No matter what we do, where we live but such discrimination is faced by people everywhere. And these days the things are getting worse. Van and his brother grown in a horrific environment. This has made them leave the country. They both were referred to as half breed. His mother was treated as a second class citizen. Later in 1962 they all left the Netherlands and came to the U.S. and settled over there. At school, Van was considered as a minority student because he could not speak the language. However, Van was grateful for what life had taught him. He and his family could barely meet the ends. They just had $50 and a piano when they came to the U.S. somehow they managed. Now Indonesian social media paid tribute to this Legend. He had faced a lot in his life. His friends were also black. And white bullies him when he came to the U.S. His mother worked as a maid. And his father worked as a janitor.

His life was very tough. Now he is seen as the source of pride for many in the community. He is now considered a legend in his field of music.

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