Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 comes to the market with better design and shooting. The new DJI product has a similar design with slight alterations. The DJI Pocket 2 has a joystick removing the traditional control wheel of the Original Osmo Pocket. With new joystick using gimbal is swift there is a switch present for better feasibility.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2

The lens is a little big than the original OSMO Pocket implying DJI has given a camera with a better sensor going ½ inch. The better lens with a big size could mean more zooming, improvisation in low illumination, and background blurring. The architecture of Pocket 2 is changed with a red accent on the camera and one more line near the bottom.

The DJI logo is minimized a little and edges are cut out. There’s a lanyard attachment pit preventing tiny gimbal from falling. Attaching with gimbal’s side it has an inbuilt mic adjoining above which can give tailored buttons. Apart from this, the Micro-SD Card slot is placed in the same way but has a mic above and could possess illumination. The display is a similar size to the earlier pocket.

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In the box of Pocket 2

The images tell about the Pocket 2 tells there will be a normal and exclusive packaging. In the normal packaging, there is a joystick, adapters USB type C, A cable, lanyard, and do-it-all-handle.
The exclusive professional one has dual cable charging instead of a regular one. It has a tripod stand with a wireless microphone with a dead cat and fixing resin. Has accessory similar to the mic’s mass with latch and gives illumination.

The pre-requisites

Do-it-all handle
There is a bottom station, Do-it-all-handle which stands and charges. Comes with a tripod mount, fixing it with screws used.

Wireless microphone transmitter
The microphone transmitter is with the do-it-all-handle. Pocket 2 has a microphone capturing good quality audio. The wireless microphone sticks to clothes and has a 320mAh battery.
DJI says the product will come on October 20 in less than a day’s time.

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