Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein, the fashion influencer who has 2.5 million followers Eventually, she is going to take a legal move against a lingerie brand named Great Eros. The lingerie brand claimed that Bernstein had Copied the product designs. Accordingly, Bernstein filed a lawsuit against the brand stating that her designs are completely unique and not copied.

Danielle Bernstein
Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein went legally

Danielle Bernstein is the founder of a fashion blog and a brand named “We Wore What”. She filed a legal lawsuit in the Southern District on Thursday against a bra brand Great Eros. Previously, the Williamsburg-based bra brand Great Eros sent a draft to Bernstein of a cited lawsuit and claiming that she had copied them for the designs. Bernstein completely neglects that citation and said that her designs were inspired by the generally ubiquitous concept of the silhouette sketch of the human form partnered with numerous of Henri Matisse’s line drawings.  Bernstein is looking for a clear judgment that she used designs neither infringed nor violating any of the Defendant’s purported copyrights.

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lingerie brand claimed for copying designs

Back in August, the lingerie brand named Great Eros which is the Williamsburg-based brand criticized Bernstein for ripping off a nude silhouette pattern which they had used prior to tissue paper. The brand claimed for copying designs and slapped it on her line’s wallpaper and $195 bathing suits. The co-owner of Great Eros bra brand, Christina Viviani, mentioned in the legal draft that her design felt so spot on completely noting the size, the actual poses, and even the spacing of their nudes. The lawyer of the brand Jeff Gluck told that such a misguided charade is nothing than yet another disgusting try to intimidate and shut up independent creatives and other several small-business owners. According to the brand’s lawyer, Bernstein is believing that rules are not meant for her.

Bernstein denied the claims

Danielle Bernstein completely denied all the claims put on by the bra brand and she went legally against the brand. She was also accused of stealing some designs for masks from Second Wind and one of the designs from an Etsy shop. In reply, Bernstein denied both the claims. The lawyer of Bernstein, Robert Salame, defend her and stated that it became clear that the drafts claimed by Great Eros were baseless suing our clients and they are seeking court confirmation for the proving that no infringement occurred.

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