Mon. May 17th, 2021
Chrome OS

Dark mode has become a popular attribute among Chrome Operating System users for quite some time. However, the Operating System uses a “light” theme by default, it sometimes uses dark elements, including the launcher and the shelf. Recently the search bar turned a bit darker, but what users are looking for is something that would reduce the eye strain and turn the lights off while using the computers for a longer period of time the developers at Google noted this and made a decision about it.

Changes that appeared with a new dark theme

Recently found in the Chrome OS Canary channel, Google is coming back with the system-wide dark theme to Chromebook.
You can straightaway notice the difference the moment OS applies these flags. The browser and system apps change into a sleek, near-black color that fits perfectly with the default theme. The wallpaper selector looks seem to be more improvised along the title bar matches the dark aesthetics, in contrast to other apps. Some parts of the UI do not have a theme as of now but as a whole, the new theme seems to be a lot more redefined than when it popped up about a year ago.

Chrome OS

What is the on-going hype about a dark theme?

Around 6 months ago Microsoft revealed its complete dark theme for Windows and a few years back Apple’s macOS received the feature with Mojave. Google tried to introduce Chrome OS about a year ago but failed to do so due to some technical issues that led to the delay of its release.
More than a year ago released chrome://flags/#force-dark-mode in Chrome 78, that forced web content to transform to a dark theme applicable to all platforms. However, this flag was providing excellent service on Windows, Android, and macOS, turning it on to Chrome OS webpages led to a crash. What’s unfortunate, the Chrome flags, file manager, and Chrome OS settings page failed to load, meaning you couldn’t revert the flag to default and access your files. With the latest Canary update, Google seems to be in a good position to permit users to test it again.

Still in the process of development

The system-wide dark theme is still in the process of development before it’s ready for the Chrome OS Stable channel. Like, the title bar is still white in various apps and screens. You can also apply a custom dark theme from the Chrome Web Store, but it doesn’t change the white title bar. Additionally, various UI elements don’t support it as of now, like a number of icons in the Chrome OS settings page and the Explore app’s illustrations. The significant thing missing is support for Android apps.

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