Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Britney Spears

Britney Spears recently posted a video on Instagram, and her speech in the video has left everyone confused. However, fans are going gaga over her outfit. Spears looks stunning in her string bikini, which she admitted to having worn to the beach three days earlier. The sudden post and her appearance in the video have also concerned many fans. Additionally, people have noticed her white wrist band and presume that she is trying to cover something up.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears on Instagram

On Monday, as usual, Spears posted a very random video on her official Instagram ID @britneyspears. In the video, she mentioned that she wore the same snakeskin string bikini to a beach three days earlier. Further, she went to reveal why she made the video and decided to name the five things one must have with them on a beach. She said, A towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat. It was just a list of common items people usually take to the beach with them. She ended the video abruptly by announcing that she was going to hit the jacuzzi. Fans were concerned about the way she looked on camera. It was quite evident that she was at home as she shot the video in front of her standard white background. Some fans predict that she might’ve posted the video to tease the trollers who always have something to say on the choice of videos she decides to post. On the other hand, it did not come as a shock to others. They did not find it weird or unusual in any way. Further, fans did notice something interesting, and that opened a whole new discussion. However, the detail was quite evident and didn’t require a keen, obsessive fan-eye.

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Is Britney Spears trying to cover up her tattoo?

Under her video, one of the fans expressed that the white wrist band on Spears’ left wrist made them uneasy. It sure did seem like she was trying to cover up her pink dice tattoo. Reportedly, the dice tattoo on Spears’ wrist is one half of a couple’s tattoo. Obviously, Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, has the other half of it on his wrist. However, his tattoo is blue in color. Fans have noticed her wrist band in several of her latest Instagram posts. She may be trying to cover it up, after all. The reason is unknown.

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