Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
Brabus newest 'Rocket

On your assessment of Mercedes-Benz drivers weren’t now, out of the blue, be set up head at the new Brabus Rocket 900. Brabus for modding effectively wild Mercedes-AMG models, for example, the G63 (and even the Smart vehicle), has now turned its Monster-caffeinated drink-filled AMG GT S.

First of all — the force. Brabus has taken the GT’s 4.0-liter V8 and augmented it to 4.5 liters stroking it, a billet driving rod, and manufactured cylinders. Bigger turbochargers were included, and the net impact is a crazy 900 drive and 922 lb-ft of force. The zero-to-100-km/h run takes just 2.8 seconds, a plunge of 0.3 seconds over the stock model, and moves it on to a velocity of 330 km/h. a full body pack with, a slam air high-pressure a nine-speed programmed transmission with 4Matic+ AWD.

Brabus newest 'Rocket'Brabus’ newest ‘Rocket’ is a one-of-ten 900-horsepower

The entirety of that loot doesn’t The Brabus 900 costs800 euros (around $680,000, here — for reference, that is $561,400 more than, which costs “only” $118,600 in Canada).

Restricted to 10 numbered units around the name suggests, the Rocket 900 One of 10 is difficult to miss thanks to a limited full-body made with carbon fiber to hold weight inconspicuous, but rather it was blowing some people’s minds. More body-hued parts are, to from changes to bezelsWhether you love or disdain the visual alterations, it’s hard to reject that Brabus makes the stride farther than to its rivals. It designed a 4.5-liter rendition of0-liter V8 stroke and the drag. a billet driving rod, and manufactured cylinders.to a nine-speed programmed transmission that turns the four wheels through the Changes don’t Brabus valued the Rocket 900 One of 10 at 435,800 euros, converts to roughly $514,000, and alternatives enter. Put another way, it’s about $352, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan) 63 S.

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