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Benita Alexander

In the year of 2013, Benita Alexander who was a producer of an NBC documentary was supposed to document some snippets from the life of Paolo Macchiarini, surgeon. It is not anticipatory how largely the surgeon could’ve affected her life. They had to work together on this project and meanwhile, Benita fell in love with Macchiarini. After two years of being together, they decided to get engaged. Macchiarini claimed that he would make their wedding happen and it would be officiated by Pope Francis, who had also been his patient. He also promised her a star-studded event that would be inviting Obamas and Clintons. But the event he was talking about never came to life. If anything, Paolo Macchiarini was already married to his wife of 30 years. He had never treated Pope Francis either. He had lured Benita Alexander into a fraudulent relationship. It was in the first episode of “The Con”, an ABC series when Benita sensed betrayal, shared award-winning producer Benita.

Benita Alexander
Benita Alexander

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What did Benita Alexander do to continue normally with life, after being deceived in a romantic relationship

Like any professional person, she didn’t let the scars from the past overshadow her talent. After 2015, when their romance went downhill she continued to work on documentaries and docuseries. She started working as a co-executive producer in “Breaking the Silence”, starring Cheryl Burke, Jessa Seewald, and Jill Duggar Dillard, in the same year. In 2018, Benita shared her story with the public in her documentary “He Lied About Everything”. She talked about her life after she was conned by her ex-fiancé in The Con. She said that after her story going public, many women tried to reach her and discussed their experiences and similar stories. This made her realize that anybody can get conned and this was a heartbreaking fact. “Trust me, admitting that you got conned, especially as a smart, successful woman, is excruciatingly painful. On top of the devastating shock of realizing the person you loved never even existed, you feel stupid, humiliated, and embarrassed, Going public opens you up to all the hateful trolls and naysayers who take sick joy in mocking and taking stabs at you from behind the anonymity of their computers”, shared Benita. Benita says that she will always stay strong for a particular reason, which is to help other women speak up for themselves. She wants women to expose the men who conned them and not feel stupid about the whole thing. Later in 2019, she produced “Oxygen doc Seduced By Evil”, which was about a con-man, Derek Alldred.  She has been a part of the Investigation Discovery Network for producing masterpieces like “ID Now” and “Crimes Gone Viral”. Also, she produced and narrated “Still a Mystery” for the ID network.

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