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Asteroid 2018VP1

The popular American scientist Neil deGrasse had said a small astronaut is going to hit the earth before Election Day as he mentioned. The American election is going to be held on 3, November 2020. This astronaut will not provide any impact and the cause of the disaster is less but this news is making Anxiety in every once mind. Over the long years, scientists have suggested different ways to ward off threats of more serious impact events, such as blowing up the asteroid before it reaches Earth or deflecting it from its Earth bound course by hitting it with a spacecraft. In 2018 NASA announced that DART started their construction. In 2021 which is scheduled to launch with an aim into the smallest asteroid of the Didymos system at around 6 km per second in 2022. Hera, in 2024 which is scheduled to launch, in 2027 will arrive at the Didymos system to measure the impact crater produced by the DART collision and study the change in the asteroid’s orbital trajectory.

Asteroid 2018VP1
Asteroid 2018VP1

About the astronaut

The astronaut was named as Asteroid 2018VP1. It was in the size of a refrigerator. This asteroid was very small in size 6.5 feet and poses no threat to Earth. It is moving at the speed of more than 25,000 mi/hr. It may buzz cut earth on November, 2, a day before the precedential election. It is not bigger to harm. There is a 0.14% chance of entering our planet’s atmosphere. It would disintegrate due to its extremely very small size. This astronaut was first discovered at Palomar Observatory in California’s San Diego County this happened before two years. It has been focused for 13 days after that the asteroid was not detected again. When the asteroid was discovered it was 2, 80,000 miles away from the Earth. This year the asteroid will come as close as 4,700 miles according to NASA’s close approach database. Neil deGrasse said, in this 2020 if the world ends means, that would not be the fault of the universe.

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Disasters this year

  • Wildfires:

In California 9, October 2020 there was a wildfire has been occurred

  • Covid-19:

This was the greatest disease that in that so many people died

  • Volcano Eruption:

Taal volcano eruption on January 12, 2020

  • Earthquakes:

Turki and Caribbean on January 24, 2020, this 41died and 1600people was injured

  • Gas plant explosion:

In Nigeria in the place of logos, there were 15 peoples were died

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