Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Apple Glasses

Recently, a leak suggested that after many years of planning Apple could be soon launching its Apple Glass but there is no announcement of the launch date.

The much-awaited, and rumored Apple Glasses already had much speculated 2022 launch date which lasted for months, but a recent leak has enlightened buyers about the details regarding its specifications, and here’s what we know.

Ross Young shared more information about the Glass

Displays expert Ross Young took Twitter to share that Apple is in the process of pursuing AR/VR glasses that includes Sony microOLEDs. 0.5 With 1280×960 resolutions, and 1H’22 intro.

By mentioning Sony microOLEDs in his tweet, Young is talking about Sony’s OLED microdisplay technology. The company says it develops this technology for AR/VR glasses and other applications, as reported by TechRadar. According to the company, this OLED microdisplay consists of a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, a response speed of 0.01ms or less, and a wide color gamut.

Young had predicted that the 2021 iPhone 13 lineup would include built-in contact OLED screens with 120Hz ProMotion, which strongly hints that he has inside sources at Apple or with its manufacturing companions.

While Young initially said that these displays will be used for AR/VR glasses, he later clarified that Apple plans to use them for AR-only designs.
Apple Glasses Spes as per Ross Young, a display expert

• Resolution – 1280×960
• Display glass- Sony microOLEDs. 0.5
• Contrast Ratio -100,000:1
• Response Rate – 0.01ms
• Gamut- wide color
• Display size- 0.5-inch
• Pixel-per-inch Count-3000

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Sighting of other Apple Glasses leaks and recent patent

Recently Apple had filed for a patent that has given us further information about the features and techniques that Apple Glasses could be using.
One Apple patent, ‘Keyboard Operation With Head-mounted Device,’ explains how AR Glasses could be used as a ‘virtual keyboard’ onto a desk or ‘touch-sensitive surface’ and record your keystrokes using the Glasses. This patent could make your hands invisible while typing, this will give you better look at the keys or suggested words that come above the keyboard. oklahoma dating sites

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