Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Anrich Nortje

Anrich Nortje, the South African racer, put the Indian Premier League on fire by pitching the fastest ball in the history of the tournament. The 26-year-old player said he did not know that he had created a record until the end of the match. Clocked at 156.2 kph, Nortje bowled for Delhi Capitals in the match that took place on Wednesday, 14th October in Dubai against the Rajasthan Royals.

Nortje’s conversation with Shikhar Dhawan at

A video posted on shows Nortje speaking to his teammate Shikhar Dhawan about his 156.2 kph bowling speed. He says that did not know about the bowling speed during the match and heard about it later. Nortje further stated that he has been putting a lot of effort to pump up the pace in his deliveries in the last few tournaments. The pacer sounded happy that his hard work on his legs and forearm to improve his ball delivery speed had shown some results.

Anrich Nortje bowled the fastest ball of the IPL which clocked 156.22 kph
Nortje’s effort did not give the expected results

Nortje pitched the fastest ball on the third run-chase over of the match against Rajasthan Royal’s Jose Buttler. Buttler scooped a boundary on a high-speed ball and on the earlier delivery, bowled to him; not the result expected by Nortje, his teammates, and the Delhi Capitals’ fans. A fall of the wicket would have been more cheering.

Buttler’s hits did not last long

However, Buttler’s hits did not last long. He was taken out with a lightning 155 kph ball, the second-highest in the history of the Indian Premier League. The date seems to be a red-letter day in the history of Indian Premier League matches since the fastest and second fastest ball was clocked on the same day at the same match. Regarding Buttler, Nortje said that he was surprised when Ros Buttler, the Englishman of Rajasthan Royals scooped the first shot. Although, Nortje admitted that he was aware of Buttler’s scoops.

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Nortje flooded with applauds and congratulations

Kosigo Rabada, Nortje’s teammate and a speed bowler of Delhi Capitals applauded Nortje’s triumph and said that bowlers do not think about speed when bowling, rather keep an eye on the delivery of the ball. Adding to his statement he said that Nortje and he learned from each other and share each other’s bowling experiences. Team Indian Premier League congratulated Nortje on his triumph. The tweeted, “Anrich Nortje is adjudged Man of the Match for his brilliant bowling figures of 2/33”.

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