Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Anna Wintour

Vogue powerhouse millionaire Anna Wintour finally owes up to her intolerant past. The 70-year old admitted her wrongdoings in a New York Times Exposé on the artistic director of Condé Nast and her rough-handling of the race at the specific media company. She said that if incase she has committed any mistakes during the time of her work, she is willing to take full responsibility for her actions. But for many unknown employees that were interviewed by The Times, it seems that the apology is a tad bit too late. 11 people demanded that the Brit, who has been carving the body and mind of the fashion magazine ever since 1988, should no longer possess any form of authority and must give up her post as Condé Nast’s editorial leader.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour

Colorist Slurs and Inappropriate Descriptions

 In one particular incident, a Wintour assistant had allegedly asked Vogue reporters to not mention cultural references while during a report on Kendall Jenner going to a party wearing grills. They complained saying the if Kendall had done anything stupid or funny, it’s perfectly okay but the fact that most white reporters keep glorifying and admiring her actions when it was culturally inappropriate, is revolting. Wintour replied to that comment saying that “It’s not a big deal.” During another controversial encounter,  Wintour was accused of using an offensive racist term when describing cultural acceptance during a photo shoot that involved black women wearing headscarves. She wrote that since she didn’t get a relatable term, she used “pica ninny; but didn’t mean to use an inappropriate word.”

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Heavy Racist Slurs and Denial Of Accusations

 Two Vogue heads who were close to Anna were equally accused of indulging in racist offenses. Phyllis Posnick, the Vogue editor who styled a “yellowface” shoot that featured a white model Karlie Kloss as Geisha, claimed that it was due to the blacks who didn’t/refused to vote, that Trump had a hard time winning during the 2016 elections. Later that year, when Rihanna showed up late at an event, Vogue leader Grace Coddington remarked that “Black people are late everywhere”. Both Grace and Phyllis denied the accusations. The article also included elaborated reports of inviting low-level blacks to high-ranking meetings all in the name of demonstrating “obvious inclusion”. This was revealed after multiple months of race-related turbulence at Condé Nast, with the majority of the Bon Appétit staffers quitting and resigning, after it was announced that various employees of colour were strictly not being paid equally in comparison to their white colleagues. speed dating lakeland florida bande annonce blind dating vf

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