Mon. May 17th, 2021
FAU-G's teaser

FAU-G is an Indian attempt at the famous video game series PUBG. FAU-G is too uncertain in the country. Details aren’t mentioned about the game’s first coming. Akshay Kumar, Bollywood’s star has uploaded its teaser.

The game is created by a Bengaluru company nCore Games with celebutante Mr. Kumar. The game’s coming was known in September after the government banning PUBG which was a Chinese company launched video game. FAU-G means fearless and United Guards, the game was prepped to launch by end of October.

The One minute video gives an insight into the first level of FAU-G. The game will be based on the Galwan Valley skirmishes between India and China. The game displays characters fighting rivals with brawler mechanics.

Akshay Kumar real name Rajeev Bhatia puts out a teaser on Sunday, on the festivity of Dussehra. The Teaser leaves viewers wanting for more about details of FAU-G. The video comes to end with a coming soon display.

FAU-G's teaserNCore talks about FAU-G

NCore’s Vishal Gondal co-founder tells that FAU-G will mark its entry end of October. The game identity was told right two days post-PUBG’s ban on Mobile and Mobile Lite in India. Gondal mentions the game is at work for some months.

The game aims to touch a population of 20 crore users in the year. Gondal’s NCore gave a word of 20% earning from FAU-G to the raising government’s fund Bharat Ke Veer. The game focuses on pulling out sentiment and patriotism for the country.

In a situation of war with China and attacks following, this seems a perfect catapult stretched to land the video game series. The scene would be worth the sight country brewed game will serve the cups of video game lovers. The game will feature army men that will do anything to protect the country from enemy attacks.

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