Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
AJ McLean

AJ McLean seems transparent about his struggles with addiction before. Recently, McLean came forward to speak up about when he tried cocaine for the first time. Consequently, he revealed that he started to take cocaine shortly before he filmed the music video shoot of Backstreet Boys. Apparently, he spoke about his struggle at that time.

AJ McLean
AJ McLean

McLean recalls first-time cocaine try

AJ McLean shared the struggling memories of his addition. He shared how he came to get addicted to cocaine. He said that he never really possessed any desire for the drugs but after going into the addiction, that word encompasses everything for him. McLean shared his first-time cocaine try saying that he was introduced to that particular drug just before the night shoot of a music video for “The Call”. Before that day he never tried it. According to McLean, at that time he was with one of a friend who is not his friend anymore and he got an offer for taking drugs. He denied first but suddenly he caved for the drug and did it. “The Call” was released from the fourth studio album, Black and Blue, and it was the second single released.

Backstreet Boys video shoot

The 42-year-old singer McLean shared his poor memories when he was on the set and got in the makeup chair. He opened up about the time and said that he was totally freaking out and was here and there. Everyone on the set asked him to stop. They suggested him not to tell the world that he is having cocaine at that time. He continued someway he maintained himself to keep it a secret from everyone for almost 18 months. But then after he caught before his family and before it his real friends caught on. McLean shared his worst habits of that time including excessive drinking. He added that drugs and alcohol would make the feelings of relaxation and a person starts to look like insecurity go away but in actual it doesn’t work in that way.

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McLean’s Struggle with addiction

McLean expressed his views and said that it was a hard time for him. The most crucial part of that addiction was when Kevin [Richardson] disappointed with him and said if he continued using drugs then he will be dead for him. Afterward, he sought treatment but his battle for addiction continued for almost 20 years. He shared one of his memory with his daughter that in December 2019, his daughter came to him on his return home from a Vegas trip having alcohol. His daughter Lyric said to him that he did not smell like her daddy. That comment of his daughter hit him poorly and that was the most disgusting feeling he felt that day. That comment from her daughter was enough for him to change himself.

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