Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
African volcano

Nyiragongo is one of the massive kinds of volcanoes placed on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Recently, it has been observed filling its lava lake rising at an alarming rate. Accordingly, volcanologists have been warned the neighboring communities and aware of the rise in lava levels. As per the experts, This African volcano lava is rising rise at perilous levels becoming the most dangerous volcano in the world.

African volcano

African volcano lava’s inspection

The last time, this African volcano, Nyiragongo, erupted in the year 2002. It results in huge destruction by killing more than 250 people and wiping out almost 20% of the neighboring city of Goma. According to the reports, Nyirangonga has the largest 250-meter-wide lake of lava in the world. In a conversation with Science Magazine, one of the volcanologists at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania named Dario Tedesco stated about his investigation into the carter of the Nyiragongo early this year to measure the volcano’s lava to conclude its upcoming disastrous effects. Mr. Tedesco, a volcanologist from the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania started his investigation for the volcano in the 1990s afterwards the Rwandan refugees fled to the city of  Goma. In 2002, Mr Tedesco investigated the carter of the volcano and stated that fissures created by an earthquake in the southern flank of Nyiragongo have resulted in the opening up the volcano’s lava lake.

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Lava rising at a rapid rate

After examining the carter of the African volcano larva, volcanologist, Mr. Tedesco, from the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania and his team from Goma Volcano Observatory observed that the lava in the volcano is rising massively at an alarming rate. Mr. Tedesco’s team now warned the neighboring communities of the massive explosion of this African lava again. On the basis of the analysis after investigation, the team came to the conclusion that the lava will be reaching at the peak hazardous levels soon in four years only. Mr. Tedesco and his team also stated that possibilities are there for an earthquake that could trigger a disaster earlier than the volcanic eruption.

Warning- the most dangerous lava

Mr. Tedesco mentioned that Nyirangong is the most dangerous volcano in the world. According to some reports, the lava has been drained completely from the fissure within few hours having a flowing rate of 60 km/hr streaming towards the neighboring city Goma. The United Nations asked the experts and volcanologists for advice and preventive measures on the dangers which are coming towards the population by Nyiragongo.

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