Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

A temporary restraining has been obtained by Halsey the order against a fan who she claims has a harassed her and her neighbor. The singer at an age of 26 filed the order against a 27 year old fan who was in Los Angeles Superior Court last week after retaining a private investigator to get his information as per court documents obtained by webpage on Friday. She claimed it in the filing that she was so fearful of her life because of his actions.


The fan had released a voice mail

According to the document that Halsey whose real name is Ashley Frangipane has hired as an investigator on October, 2 and on that date the investigator says that he listened to a voice mail from Halsey’s neighbor the person who said him as a young and a gentleman has stopped at him at the residence seems to be looking for her under the impression that she lives at her residence. Additionally the same male has stopped her by 4 or 5 times since September in this year and they had called LAPD a few times. The neighbor also considered him as a fan and showing up his residence with guitar demanding to speak with Ashley Frangipane. When the neighbor told him that she does not live there he allegedly smashed his guitar on the ground and left a net book behind to be given to her, according to document. The investigator added that as per social media the accounts he found he believes that the fan was recently released from a psychiatric ward. Halsey claimed in her restraining order filing that the fan believes that they are in some love.

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The fan was a psychiatric

The bad Ass at the Love song stress was granted on her request to have him stay at least 200 yards away from her and any venue she is performing or rehearsing. He has no permission to contact with her. The order was granted on October, 23, 2020. The singer is also asked to the court that make her fan to pay her legal and her investigative fees which are to be determined. It is unclear whether the court will rule on the matter or not. Halsey and the fan are scheduled to appear in court on November, 16, 2020 when the order expires. In her resent photo she has a tattoo of Marilyn Manson’s face on the side of her torso and one of lyrics from Beck is song dating 2 guys at same time on her neck. She also has one tattoo on her face.

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