Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Vote Merch 2020

Vote Merch 2020 : We all aware the US Presidential elections are approaching. USA is a developed country. In fact, it is the most advance and modern country in the world. Eventually, USA needs a good leader to run the country. US presidential Elections 2020 are on the Verge. Apparently, many celebrities are spreading awareness to vote. From track pants to hats to tops, they are trying their best.

Vote Merch 2020 : Celebrities awaking people on upcoming elections

A lot of politics is happening in the US. It is necessary that US citizens go and vote. Apparently, many celebrities are inspiring people to vote. They are spreading awareness on the upcoming elections. Many celebrities like, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, K are inspiring people. Apparently, This is great. Moreover, they are wearing clothes with labels vote. Reportedly, labels like “I’m a voter, “Vote” are seen in their clothes. Be it a hat, mask or top, labels are everywhere. They are doing job by this.

Celebrities clothe with voting labels

Apparently, Hailey Baldwin was wearing Levi’s × Vote Relaxed Pullover. Bella Hadid was in a black t shirt with the label “our voice matter”. Reportedly, Kate Bosworth was wearing I am a voter, sweatshirt. Adding to that, Lizze was wearing Quay× Lizzo Speakout Mask.

Surprisingly, Karlie Kloss was wearing Vote boots. Isn’t it amazing. Apparently, Hella Berry was also spotted wearing “I’m a voter legging”. Ashley Benson was spotted wearing Vote necklace. Debra Messing was wearing I’m a Voter Groomsman Suit. So many celebrities, models coming out. However, they  are emphasising the importance of vote.

Upcoming US presidential elections

Currently, Donald Trump is in the presidential post. But, now with the upcoming elections 2020 he can be changed. Moreover, Trump is trying his level hard to remain in the presidential post. Apparently, many other candidates are also doing many campaigns. But it’s all in the hands of USA citizens. Eventually, They will choose their own leader.

However, it’s a great initiative by celebrities. They are doing a great job. Hopefully, their message will reach out to US citizens. And we hope that citizens choose the best candidate as their leader. Eventually, the wheel of the country will be in his hand only. So, they must vote accordingly. USA future depends on this elections.

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