Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Fox ‘Hard News’ Anchor Floats Conspiracy That Biden Colluded With NYT on Trump Tax Story

US elections are approaching. Apparently, a lot of political games are happening in the USA. Reportedly, all the presidential candidates are campaigning. A lot of speeches are delivering. Moreover, US media is also playing a gigantic role. Apparently, some channels are in favor of one party. On the other hand, some working unbiased. Recently, a new report on the Trump Tax story is going.

Times, Trump Tax story

Recently, The times were releasing a blockbuster report against Trump. Apparently, the report is about Trump’s tax story. Basically, the reports say that Trump has not paid tax. According to the report, out of the previous 10 of 15 years, Trump has not paid tax.

Fox ‘Hard News’ Anchor Floats Conspiracy That Biden Colluded With NYT on Trump Tax Story

Adding to that, only $750 was paid by Trump in federal income tax. Basically, this was in his first year of White House. Surprisingly, massive business losses are reasons given by Trump for tax due. Adding to that, Trump also cited business expenses for tax due. Surprisingly, $70,000 in hairstyling for television is also the reason for tax due. Can you believe it, hairstyling reason!!!!

A conspiracy that Biden Colluded with Times

Previously, Trump’s tax story was telecast. However, Martha McCallum is stating that Biden colluded with the Times. Surprisingly, this conspiracy was telecast on air also. Moreover, two “Hard News” anchors of Fox News was remaining silent. But, one of the networks’ contributor accused the times of coordinating Biden. Well, this is baseless blame till now.

Trump officials say on this

Moreover, Trump officials open up on this. Apparently, Right-wing figures soon bring out the theory. Basically, the theory says that Joe Biden associated with the Times. Apparently, Joe Biden is a presidential candidate for elections. It is possible that Biden is putting false allegations. Eventually, Trump officials are defending him. As the elections are approaching, politicians are taking careful steps.

Apparently, Trump’s tax story is baseless blame. As the elections are proceeding everyone is alert. Presidential Candidates are doing a lot of campaigns. Basically, taking public in their favor. US elections 2020 is on November 3. Basically, it’s high time for candidates. Eventually, Trump and Biden are demeaning each other.

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